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Digital transformation?
We've got it covered
from here. 

Digital transformation is everything.

We help you to the next digital level,

so you can make an impact for those around you.

76% of leaders

agree that companies need to

radically prioritise human-centricity.

Rankedno. 2

Hong Kong ranked 2. in global digital competitiveness


approved and listed on Social Enterprise Business Centre (SEBC)


Why digital transformation  is vital.


Increasing efficiency exponentially.

NGOs and charities often work in small teams, with each person having to fill multiple roles and complete a large variety of tasks. This limits the time that they can spend doing the valuable work that matters most. 


Resources spent smarter.

NGOs and charities are often left with limited financial and human resources. This may hinder them from achieving their full potential and creating the greatest impact. 


Understanding the stakeholders.

Whether it's donors, beneficiaries, or other stakeholders, NGOs and charities often don't have a thorough understanding of their needs and demands.

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How we create digital solutions.

The process.
Stage 1: Empathise & Define

Understand the business environment and empathise with stakeholders, to define the business challenges.

Stage 2: Ideate and prototype

Create an open environment that can nurture a digital culture and ideas that can solve the defined business challenges.

Stage 3: User testing

Put the prototype solutions to the test, using real-life situations. Analyzing and evaluating the results, in order to fully tailor the final product and create most impact.

Stage 4: Implement

Promote the change in the digital culture to enable the solution to have a strong and sustainable effect.

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