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The story of Edvanced.

Founded and approved as a social enterprise in 2019, Edvanced is a small social innovation startup with big dreams. We work hard and are determined to find new, inspiring and out-of-the-box digital solutions for NGOs and charities, so they can create the greatest impact possible. 

Our values.

Enable change though social innovation.

As strong believers in digital and tech, we know the impact that it can have and the changes it can make. Edvanced wants to leverage digital solutions

to help organisations create change.

Creativity as the cornerstone.

We believe that there are always different ways of enabling change. We think in, out and around the box to find the most creative and fit solutions.

Human centric. Always.

Impactful and human centric changes can only be made by empathy, dedication and strong commitment. From our background in user  experience, we understand that all solutions must have the people in focus. 

Drive digital transformartion.

Enable organizations to scale up on their services, and maximize their impact by applying digital solutions. Simultaneously enabling their ability to stay relevant and in touch with evolving consumer habits, behavior and market trends.

Our contribution.

As part of our continuous mission to make a positive impact on our community, Edvanced is dedicated to reinvesting over half of our earnings into the projects that we believe in. Edvanced is at it’s core an enterprise about making a change - something that we believe is proven by our financial dedication as well.


Furthermore, in adherence to local regulations regarding Social Enterprise status, we stringently follow the guidelines given for change makers like Edvanced. This means that we, in compliance with these laws, reinvest a minimum of 51% of our earnings back into our mission.

Connecting with our message?

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